Introducing a new spin on mail & PACKAGE delivery!

For the times... and mail & package delivery... they are a changing!
Smart new system knows who you are and rotates to give you your mail & packages.

The U.S. Postal Service is moving away from door-to-door delivery and requiring builders and developers to install clusters of individual mailboxes for “Centralized Delivery Service”. Read all about the USPS' new acceptable modes of delivery here.


The birth of the Revolving Cluster Mailbox.

This is a major cost-cutting effort by the Postal Service, since door-to-door delivery is their largest single fixed-cost.

How the Revolving Cluster Mailbox delivers mail: 
How packages are delivered: TRADITIONAL SHIPPING
How packages are delivered: DRONE SHIPPING

"This really has the possibility of saving hundreds of millions of dollars a year in delivery costs. This is the future for mail and package delivery. And it is worldwide. The possibilities are endless."

- Brent Likins, Civil Engineer, Founder RCM

"It cuts down on the time for the customer, the time for the deliverer and overall efficiency of the human beings in the 21st century."

Owen Thompson, Mechanical Engineer

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