About Our Team

Brent Likins

Civil Engineer & CEO, Revolving Cluster Mailbox

Brent has spent more than 35 years mastering his craft as a civil engineer. His career includes a lengthy stint with Dow Corning Corporation, where he was in charge of Civil Engineering, 15 new process buildings, site development, railroad spurs, utilities, and roads. He is currently the owner of CBL Construction Company.

Six Sigma, Inc.


Six Sigma prides itself on intelligent problem solving machines and solutions. Flourishing in the machine design business for more than 45 years, Six Sigma has a solid background in all aspects of machine engineering. They produce smart and effective machines utilizing their extensive knowledge in mechanics, electrical systems, and hydraulics that will help clients maximize their space and time to ultimately get the job done right. A few top customers include Caterpillar, GM, Ford, Toyota, MACK, Volvo, DANA and Metalsa.

Owen Thompson

Mechanical Engineer & CEO, Six Sigma 

Owen Thompson (and his wife, Beverly) founded Six Sigma more than 45 years ago. Owen recognized that there was no available equipment or data collection to fulfill specific client needs in industry and decided to solve the problem. Owen developed torque tools with digital adjustment and data collection to demonstrate the level of torque. Starting in the heavy truck industry, his technology spread into every industry we know today and opened a new field not only in equipment but data collection that proved reliability and repeatability.